We started working on the show the day after Christmas 2006 and have run the show since our first display Christmas 2007. We did take one break in 2011 to visit out of town family but are up and running again 2012 bigger and better!

You can view the show during the Christmas Holidays beginning the day after Thanksgiving and running to New Year’s Day. The show usually starts around 5:25 depending upon sunset and runs on weekdays until 10pm and on weekends until 11pm. After school is out, the hours get a little longer but they depend upon traffic. The hours posted previously are “sure bets”.

Our show address is: 100 45th Street, Gulfport, MS

and the best way to approach it is from the West by way of Chamberlain Avenue.

If you are on Washington Avenue, and the show traffic is busy, 45th St will be blocked from access via Washington Avenue. BUT THAT’S OK! Just make the block around and approach from the West side. Parking attendants will be present if the road is blocked from the East so take their direction when you approach. If there is a line on 45th Street, just hang out with the radio on 105.5FM! It doesn’t take too terribly long to move around.

We look forward to sharing what was originally meant for our family’s entertainment with your family and we hope to see you soon! Merry Christmas!

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